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Parshat Vayikra

Parashat Tetzaveh

In this week’s parsha, we are taught about sacrifices. For some reason, the last alef in the first word in parsha­­ Vayikra­­ is abnormally small. What can that teach us?

Life is a roller coaster; it has it’s ups and downs, which can come in very quick succession. For example, it’s happened to me more than once that I had a really good day one day, and had a bad one directly afterwards. During the good days, it’s easy to see Hashem. But what about when life isn’t so fair? Maintaining a connection to hashem, even when your life sucks, is one of the greatest challenges we face in this era. We must remember: vayikra-Hashem is calling to us, even when we’re down in the dumps.

 By: Jacob Lurie

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