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Purim Dvar Torah

It’s almost Purim, a holiday when everyone dresses up, hangs out with friends, gives presents, enjoys the fun, and eats hamentashen. There’s something our Rabbis question about hamantaschens, though. 

From where do we get the idea that Haman had pointy ears, or in some opinions a pointy hat, that inspired the point hamantaschens we eat today? Does the Megillah just say “by the way, Haman had really pointy ears/hat so you should know that”? Even if it does, why is that so important and symbolic of Purim? Think about it—we’re eating cookies that are supposed to look like the ears of someone who tried to kill us, the Jewish nation? 

There’s actually a deeper meaning to hamentashen than just a tasty cookie. It teaches us that some good things in life are just hidden. Especially in more Israeli-style hamentashen, the filling can barely be seen. Just like the filling is barely visible, some good things in life aren’t visible at first glance. In the end, if you wait and “bite” into the good parts, the good things finally start to show. Even though some things may seem bad, everything ultimately turns out well because Hashem knows what He is doing.

Purim Sameach!!!

By: Tamar Van Dam

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