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School Goes Remote After Covid Case

By: Owen Ebner (10th Grade) and Kayla Herssein (10th Grade)

After almost nine weeks of holding school in person, Hebrew Academy high school is going remote until December 28th, due to a student in the school testing positive for Covid-19.

Students were getting ready to go to sleep late Wednesday night, when they received an email from High School Principal Dr. Jones, informing them that a student who had been at school Tuesday and Wednesday had tested positive for Covid-19. Since the administration did not have enough time to contact trace for potential exposure, it was decided that the high school would go remote for Thursday. After speaking to the school’s medical panel and contact tracing on Thursday, the administration determined that school would go remote until December 28th.

An email sent out to parents and students and cosigned by Dr. Jones, Dr. Lieber, Nurse Lynn, and Rabbi Guttenberg, announced the shutdown, saying: “With a large number of students and teachers now absent due to quarantine, the entire high school will begin remote learning immediately and will return to school on December 28. While we recognize the gravity of this decision, it is tempered with the knowledge of the possible school-wide spread and a large uptick of local COVID cases, including some in our high school. We feel this is the safest and most prudent course of action to take.”

The email also contained a list of classes that the positive student attended and told students in those classes to quarantine. All high school students should watch out for symptoms.

As safety is the number one priority for the school, the administration and its collaboration with the Medical committee believe that these precautions are essential at this time. This decision was made in hopes that all the students and faculty come back healthy, safe, and Covid-free.

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