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School Kayaks Through Oleta River


This past Monday, the high school took their second annual Lag B’omer trip to Oleta River State Park where students went kayaking, took a break from school work, and bonded.

On the bus ride to the park, students played music and had time to talk to one another. At the park, students and staff alike kayaked through an umbrella of mangrove trees and out into the Biscayne Bay where they found a sandbar. Some students played music and tanned by the sandbar, while others snuck up and tipped kayaks over, sending their friends into the water. To end the day, everyone enjoyed a barbeque catered by JCafe.

Many students said that the trip was perfectly timed, as finals are soon approaching and the school year is coming to an end.

“I really did enjoy the trip and I thought it was a great way to come to the end of the year because we all got to spend it together away from school,” said Rena Kahn (11th grade). “It was really relaxing and fun just for everyone to bond and be together before finals and all the stress of the end of school starts.”

Most teens enjoyed the opportunity to take a day off with their friends. Moshe Goldring (10th) said his favorite part of the Lag B’omer trip was “flipping other people’s boats and just hanging with friends.”

The students were not the only ones to enjoy themselves. Many teachers boarded the kayaks and paddled far out into Oleta River as well.

“Very much enjoyable experience,” said science teacher Mr. Carson. “Being outside all day long in the sun and the water and enjoying time with friends and nature.”

The students returned to school wearing big smiles on their sun-kissed faces.

By: Ava Horowitz (11th Grade)

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