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Seniors Say Goodbye

This past Thursday marked the last official day of school for the seniors before their final exams. This day was bittersweet for most; a celebratory aspect of starting the next chapter mixed with fear of leaving the comforts of high school.

“I’ve grown up in Hebrew Academy. Closing this chapter of my life is scary, but it is also so exciting to be able to look forward to the future,” said Bailey Spitz (12th).

Although this was their last day of school, the seniors still have their trip to Israel to look forward to after Pesach. Since the COVID-19 epidemic, school trips outside of Florida have not been possible. This is why it is extremely special that the students have the opportunity once again to go on this trip with their class.

“We’ve been waiting for this in pre-K and 10th grade. Unfortunately, it was canceled, so we are all extremely excited to have this last chance to be together and can’t wait,” said Naomi Weiss (12th).

As graduation day is approaching (May 26th), many seniors are conscious of the experiences they had in high school and how it caused them to learn and grow.

“I’ve been going to this school for 8 years since I was in the 4th grade. Every day since the day I came has been an adventure. I made friends, met new people, and was always having a good time,” said Robert Zohar (12th). “Now that my time in this school is almost up I just want everyone not to take their high school experience as lightly as most people do, seize every opportunity, and always remember mistakes are a part of growing up.”

The students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades bonded with the seniors during their time in high school, and were sad to see them go: “The seniors brought a lot of energy into the high school, and they made everything a little bit more exciting and entertaining for all the underclassmen,” said Joseph Levi (9th).

The staff and students enjoyed their experiences with the seniors and wished them good luck with all of their future endeavors.

“It’s bittersweet for me watching the seniors finish off. I’ve loved watching them turn into the people they’ve become,” said Dr. Lieber, Vice Principal of the High School. “I’m excited for them to begin their new chapters in life but sad that we won’t be seeing them and hearing them in the hallways! They will surely be remembered as a uniquely wonderful class.”

By: Kayla Herssein (11th) and Yona Groisman (9th)

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