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Sophomore TED Talks

Every year, 10th graders at our school eagerly anticipate a break from their regular social studies curriculum to prepare TED talks, five-minute memorized engaging speeches on humanities topics ranging from why taxes should be taught in school, to the importance of competition, to why it is more important to represent Judaism currently, to the benefits of playing an instrument. 

Before students can present their TED talks, they must undergo a rigorous preparation process. This process begins with thorough research, as students delve deeper into their chosen topics to gather facts and statistics that support their arguments. To gather this information, students conducted interviews, searched through online sources, and reflected on their personal experiences. With this new knowledge, they prepared a script, ensuring their ideas would flow seamlessly and captivate the audience‘s attention. 

The preparation did not stop there. Each student practiced the delivery of their speech, making sure to perfect their timing and body language. Students also underwent processes such as peer review. 

“I practiced in front of mirrors, my friends, and family for the past few weeks. I think my mom can probably present my talk as well as I can at this point,” said Shlomo Itzkowtiz (10th). 

Seeking feedback from peers and teachers helped to refine these presentations to perfection.

The TED Talks began on Monday, May 20th. A mix of excitement and nervous energy filled the high school building as students stood in front of parents, teachers, and classmates to present their hard work. 

During the talks, classmates listened intently, learned new ideas, showed support, and applauded their peers. 

Not only are these TED talks a chance for students to explore intriguing subjects, but they are also a showcase of their newly mastered topics.

Students felt empowered by speaking and inspired by listening throughout the week. 

“As I took my seat after giving my talk, I was so proud of myself. I started this journey doubting myself and my ability to master public speaking, but I think I did an amazing job. I now know I am capable of anything I set my mind to,” Lily Reinberg  (10th) shared as she reflected.

The week concluded with students feeling a newfound sense of confidence, perspectives, and pride in their accomplishments. 

Great job to the sophomore class!

By: Simona Folk (10th)

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