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Spirit Week Takes HA

During Hanukkah 2022, students experienced a fun, festive high school Spirit Week!

Spirit Week began on Monday, when students and teachers enjoyed a comfortable day in their pajamas. Many Chanukah-related desserts, such as donuts and gelt, were distributed throughout the day, and the Shesh Besh tournament, in memory of David Muhlrad, began during lunch.

Rabbi Manne seemed to enjoy the festivities, as he spent the day in his “Thank You Hashem” onesie. He was even reposted on Instagram by the organization – twice!

“Spirit week has been awesome so far – a lot of good vibes around here,” said Rabbi Manne. “I myself loved wearing a onesie, but I was just kind of disappointed that not so many others were wearing onesies. Always remember, Thank You Hashem!”

On Tuesday, students matched outfits for “Twin Day”.

“I twinned with Eli Gdanski [10th] on Twin Day,” said Elly Rosenberg (10th). “It was really fun because we got to pick out the same hoodie and sweatpants that we would both wear for the day.”

The entire student body participated in an energetic, musical Hallel during davening Tuesday morning. Additionally, those who signed up for the high school Mystery Maccabi exchanged their gifts. The Shesh Besh tournament finals were concluded, crowning David Saka the winner, and he was awarded with a $50 Amazon gift card.

The fun never stopped as Wednesday was “Anything But a Backpack Day”, when students could transport their books and belongings with any item besides a backpack. Students thought of creative ways to improvise, varying from purses to laundry bins to plastic cars!

“I liked that I was able to put my stuff into something different that wasn’t a backpack,” shared Shana Strohli (9th). “But the cone didn’t really work out as well as I thought it would. It was too small, but it was fun to have it for the school day.”

Wednesday’s spirit day also included decorating sufganiyot with a variety of fillings and toppings, such as Nutella, jelly, fruity pebbles, and frosting. Many students also donated blood through the Blood Drive, which was open for the duration of the school day.

“The sufganiyot-decorating activity was a lot of fun,” commented Avi Rossencovich (10th). “We got to choose anything to put inside or on top of the donuts, and they tasted really good. There was also a lot of fun singing and dancing.”

Finally, Thursday was “Shtarked Out Day”. Students dressed more modestly, wearing head-coverings, elbow-length shirts, black hats, and button-downs.

Another highlight was the exciting teachers versus students basketball game, which the entire school watched in the gym. Lunch was Shabbat-inspired, including a student favorite: cholent fest. A second round of Mystery Maccabi took place, too.

Students appreciated this very fun, festive, and exciting week, along with the reduced workload in honor of Chanukah.

Chag Sameach! Thank you to Morah Twito, Student Council, and all of the amazing sponsors for making this memorable week possible!

By: Elizabeth Ebner (10th) and Eliana Wolfson (9th)

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