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Juniors Stepping Up

On Friday, February 3rd, the junior girls spent part of their day advising and bonding with the eighth grade girls, offering companionship and guidance for their upcoming freshman year.

The girls played various games, shared interests, discussed academic expectations, and even enjoyed a glimpse of the classroom atmosphere through model lessons.

The highlight of the girls’ exciting day was their tour of the new middle and high school building, which gave them a feel for the new environment, as it is expected to be ready for students in the upcoming school year.

“It was fun touring the new building and meeting the soon-to-be freshman,” said Jamie Suster (11th).

Students are very excited for the new building, which has been a main focus for a while.

“I’m really excited about the new building,” said Leora Bossewitch (11th).

Another student expressed that she thinks the building will create a better and more productive learning environment.

These sentiments seem to be shared amongst all the junior girls, and this upcoming Friday, the junior boys will be meeting with the eighth grade boys, partaking in similar activities.

By: Maxwell Lehmann (10th) and Lizzy Ebner (10th)

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