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Students React to Crisis in Ukraine

After weeks of speculation and military build-up, Russia officially invaded Ukraine on February 24th. While Ukraine is not a member of NATO, many wondered if the US and NATO would send troops to push back against Russia. Eventually, the US announced they would not be sending troops into Ukraine, but rather would impose economic sanctions and send troops to Poland to prevent Russia from encroaching further.

Public support has overwhelmingly been in favor of Ukraine and its right to exist. Russia has been banned from soccer competitions and SWIFT banking, and has had financial assets overseas frozen, while Ukrainian President Zelensky has been embraced internationally as an incredible leader due to his continued presence in the war-zone.

“Football is fully united here and in full solidarity with all the people affected in Ukraine,” said FIFA and UEFA, two of the world’s largest soccer organizations.

Although initially believed that Russia could take over the capital in less than two weeks, Ukraine has surprised most through their fierce resistance. Representative of the country as a whole, President Zelensky has refused offers to evacuate, but rather has remained in the Ukraine.

“With how big Russia is and how much they have committed militarily, they probably should have beat Ukraine by now,” said Jack Bruckner (11th) “I’m surprised at how much the Ukranians are fighting back and holding their own.”

After Putin reportedly put “Russia’s nuclear forces on alert”, many have been weighing doing what they believe is the right thing with the threat of a nuclear war. There is also fear that Russia's invasion could motivate other dangerous regimes around the world to attempt the same violence with their neighbors.

“It is very important to not only set a precedent to other countries, but to show Russia that there are consequences,” said Herschel Karp (12) “I think any further escalation is very dangerous. I don't think Putin is at all hesitant to use nuclear weapons.”

Clearly, there are a lot of important political war factors influencing students’ beliefs about the Ukrainian-Russian war.

By: Warrior Word Staff

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