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Students React to Possible Power Prayer Davening Option

By: Ali Smith and Sara Reinberg (10th Grade)

This past Monday, students checked their email to see that Principal Dr. Eliezer Jones is hoping to introduce a new davening program called “Power Prayer.” Created for students who do not feel they are reaping all the benefits from the typical Minyan form, this new option could help students grow their connection to Hashem.

Students received applications for the program, but only a select few will be admitted. The program will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On Mondays and Thursdays the students will apply of their new knowledge and daven in the regular Minyanim.

“Each Power Prayer session will begin with a fifteen minute Tefillah where we will daven the primary aspects of Tefilla,” said Dr. Jones. “After, we will discuss, learn, and connect more to the beauty that is Tefillah.”

Many students feel this program could be helpful, especially to students who have come from public schools and do not feel connected to their prayers.

“I think this new option will really help some people with their prayers,” said Noa Baranes (10th Grade). “In davening, I notice people distracted and struggling to follow along in their Siddur, and I think this class will help them adjust to praying in a Minyan.”

However, some students feel that this new option will end up negatively affecting students’ davening and will turn into a free period.

“I feel like kids won’t use the time efficiently and will use it as an excuse to skip davening which isn’t fair to the rest of us,” said Ella Shwartz (11th).

Based on its mixed reviews, it is unclear if this program will actually take flight.

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