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Students Spend Lunch on the Beach

By: Alexa Szafranski (12th Grade)

For senior Yosef Fruhman, the constant mask wearing and needing to social distance during school hours sometimes feels unbearable. Fruhman and the senior class finally got the break they needed when they were given lunch on the beach this past Tuesday.

“It was a good break from the routine of school,” said Fruhman (12th Grade). “We got to hang out with each other, have fun, and kind of relax a little bit outside of the constraints the school has.”

Even though the beach is a mere two blocks away, students felt as if they were entering a new universe as they relaxed on the sand and enjoyed their lunches.

“I think it was fun. It was a good change to make my day more exciting,” said Deborah Winer (12th). “It just made my day a little more special and gave me something to look forward to while in a stressful time.”

Safety measures in the school to prevent the spread of Covid-19 meant this year's seniors did not have their usual senior lounge--a separate space just for their grade, as previous senior classes have had access to for years. The beach trip finally allowed some privacy and senior bonding time.

“I thought the trip to the beach was a nice thing the school did for us,” said Michaela Acevedo (12th). “I was really happy that we, as seniors, got to be the first people to have the opportunity to do it because I think that we’re missing out on a lot of stuff and this is just something nice.”

The event was organized by Activities Director Oshrat Twito who understands the frustrations the senior class has with losing the lounge and made that the reason for them being the first to go to beach.

“I really feel bad that the seniors had to lose so many fun activities because this is their last year to shine,” said Twito. “Therefore we started with lunch on the beach and chose them to be the first class to have that. On top of that, we’re really trying to think of creative, safe ideas to make this year memorable for them.”

This Thursday, the junior class also spent a lunch on the beach. The sophomore and freshmen classes are also scheduled to be having them as well.

With finally some time in the sun, students hope the administration will continue planning fun activities for the school day.

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