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Surprising Super Tuesday

This Tuesday was a momentous day for American politics. Ohio and Florida, two winner-take-all states for the Republican primary, produced interesting results. Donald Trump won the majority of the votes, giving him all 99 delegates. Up north in Ohio, John Kasich won Ohio and took its 66 delegates. The win didn’t surprise many, because it is his home state.  Kasich’s “win” is the first state he has taken in this primary.

Perhaps more surprising, Marco Rubio decided to end his campaign for the Republican nomination after losing his home state of Florida.  Rubio’s decision to leave the race leaves three potential Republican nominees left-John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. Although it is mathematically impossible for Kasich to get the automatic nomination by getting the 1237 delegates, he can hope that Trump doesn’t get to that number so he can then possibly get it at the convention. On the other hand, Ted Cruz can still get to the magic number. For Trump to get the automatic nomination he needs the primaries’ results to continue the cycle of him winning most states.

In the Democratic primaries, Clinton won the majority of the delegates on March 15. She seems to be enlarging the gap between her and Sanders-every primary she is winning more than before. This is no surprise. Since the beginning of the race, most people foreshadowed her dominating the Democratic primaries.

By: Gabe Apoj

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