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The Four Sons Haiku

By: Herschel Karp (10th Grade) and Robert Zohar (10th)

The Four Sons Haiku

The wise son wants to

Know, What are the commandments

Which are told to you

When you have finished,

The Afikomen you can't

Continue to eat

Basing off logic

Seems to make no sense, Chukim and

All the strange laws, why?

The afikomen,

Represents accepting god

On his terms, not ours

The Wicked son,

Asks what is this work for you

Excluding himself

To his teeth we blunt

And say that because of this

Hashem took us out.

His low self esteem

Why would Hashem care about him?

Not worthy enough

We soften his speech

And say that through people's flaws

We can be redeemed.

A simple question

What is this? he wants to know

Nothing specific.

From out of Egypt

We came from the house of slaves

With Hashem's strong hand

Tam means he is full

He doesn’t think he needs Hashem

He’s fine by himself

Hashem we still need

With a strong hand he did help

We are not enough

He does not question

He does not know how to ask

just sitting quietly.

We must provoke him

We were taken out today

From our slavery

He is not intrigued

It does not interest him

He lacks excitement

The parent should teach

So that he is inspired

Problem with themselves

Although there are four

They are inside all of us

Echad for them all

And to our children

Teach to them the exodus

Leaving mitzrayim

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