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The Rise of the Class of 2023: Book Awards & Step-Up Day

Last week, we said our final goodbye to our seniors of 2022 as they walked through the hallways for the last time as students. This week, we celebrated our juniors as they became next year's senior class of 2023.

We began our morning with the book awards ceremony where different universities from across the country recognize the juniors for their achievements. The auditorium was filled with parents and family members of the recipients. The juniors were honored due to their hard work throughout the academic challenges of high school.

“I am very grateful for being able to receive a book award. The ceremony was awesome,” said Joseph Allouche (11th). “I can’t believe we are seniors already and are preparing ourselves for the next part of our lives.”

The assembly then continued into inducting the whole junior class as seniors. Being a senior comes with a lot of responsibility, as seniors are looked upon as role models for the younger students. As their first task as seniors, Dr. Jones called up each of the seniors to light candles that spelled out “HA”. This represented the duty of the new class as seniors to light up the school with Torah and mitzvot. The class was then given their new senior sweatshirts.

“Today the juniors took their first step as the leaders of the HA by lighting a candle to represent their intentions to spread light and be role models to the underclassmen,” said Morah Twito, High School Activities Director.

Today's ceremony brought in a lot of excitement for the future class of 2023. “I thought the book awards and senior step-up day was a great time to celebrate and congratulate all the seniors on their accomplishments," explained Owen Ebner. "I’m really excited to be a senior”.

Being a senior comes with a future filled with opportunity in synchronicity with the responsibility it carries, and the class of 2023 is excited to begin the process of the next stage of their lives.

By: Yona Groisman (9th)

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