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Introducing: The Tisch

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

On Friday, December 9th, Hebrew Academy hosted the first of its weekly tischs. Students are asked to sign up for the tisch each week to help create a spiritually enhanced environment.

“I haven’t felt a vibe as holy as our tisch was since I came to Hebrew Academy,” said Harav Levian, Judaic Staff.

During the tisch, students enjoy a hot bowl of cholent that the student council made the previous day. Since the tisch involves singing pre-shabbat Zemirot, Rabbi Littin, Judaic Principal of the Elementary School, made a special appearance to lead the singing along with his guitar. Sara Reinberg, high school senior, gave an enlightening Dvar Torah regarding the weekly Parsha as well.

“This past week’s tisch was so much fun. I look forward to the weekly tischs,” said Ella Levy (10th).

These weekly Tischs provide students and teachers an opportunity to relish in the spiritual communion that the pre-shabbat Zemirot brings.

By: Eliora Gdanski (10th)

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