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Travel+ Leisure: Pesach Break Edition

Compiled by: Joseph Hadad (11th) and Eliora Gdanski (9th)

Travel+ Leisure: Pesach Break Edition

During this year's passover break, some students stayed in Miami while others traveled. Below are the reviews of a select group of students based on their personal Pesach break experiences:

“I stayed home for Pesach break and just spent time with my family. It was fun spending time with my family and just relaxing,” said Yonatan Mizrahi (11th).

“I went to Cazumel, Mexico and it was so fun. I spent time with my friends; we went scuba diving and fishing and it was really fun seeing my brother from L.A.,” said Adam Ohayon (11th).

“For Pesach break I went to Mexico. In Mexico I spent a lot of time at the beaches with my family and we had a lot of fun from that. I really enjoyed being in Mexico because my family is from there. I loved the environment,” said Joseph Allouche (11th).

“I was so excited to go to Israel for Pesach after 3 years of not being there. It was really special going to the Kotel and walking back home to start the Passover Seder. Everything was so exciting, even if I had done it many times, even just walking through the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. I hope to go back soon!” said Yona Groisman (9th).

“For this year's passover break, my family and I went to London and Italy. I went to so many new cool places such as the Big Ben, the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, the Crown of Jewels, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and so much more. While traveling I learned interesting things about each of these places and got to meet many people from all over the world. This was such an amazing trip!” said Ethan Oppen (9th)

“Going to Morocco this year for the first time was so fun. I got to go ATVing, camel riding and more. Each thing I did was all so fun. The beaches there were also so nice and fun to relax at. While being in Morocco I got to experience their culture and the way they did things there. Overall it was an amazing experience and I had a lot of fun!” said Jacob Wigoda (9th).

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