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Trip to Tiger Tail

Last Friday, the high school students made their way to the Tigertail Lake Recreational Center in Dania Beach. Instead of dividing groups by grade as normally done, the entire high school was split into three groups co-ed groups in which the grades were mixed. Each group rotated through three activities at Tigertail: a large Aquaglide course, kayaking and canoeing, and a team-building activity.

“I really enjoyed Tiger Tail. I think it gave everyone a chance to get to know each other better and it created bonding time,” said Simona Folk (9th). “One thing that I did there that was really fun was the swing into the water.”

Not only did the students enjoy the trip, but the teachers had a great time as well.

“The trip was awesome. I got to sit around in the shade mostly, trying not to get burnt, which was awesome,” said Rabbi Manne (Judaics Teacher). “It was really cool to see everyone having a great time.”

In addition, because the groups consisted of all grades, everyone freshmen through seniors had the opportunity to spend time and bond with each other.

“I liked that we were with other grades because. It gave me an opportunity to be with my cousin and other friends who are a year older,” said Matthew Muhlrad (9th).

However, many students preferred being with their own grades, especially on the bus to and from Tigertail.

“I had a lot of fun on the trip but I kind of wish the buses were separated by grade,” said Eliana Rosenberg (10th). “It’s a good idea for everyone to get close with other grades but I’d definitely rather sit on the bus and spend my day with my grade instead of a random group of all grades.”

Both the students and teachers of the Hebrew Academy high school appreciated the stress-free trip, and hope to have more in the future.

By: Lily Reinberg (9th) and Elizabeth Ebner (10th)

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