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Varsity Boys Season Ends in Dramatic Fashion

This past Monday, the Varsity Boys Basketball Team took on Westwood Christian. They started off great, leading 9-0 just two minutes into the game, and carried a 7 point lead for the majority of the game. However, they eventually blew a ten point lead late in the 4th quarter and lost 82-76.

“I think we played very well, but in the end we choked and it's a disappointing loss because we played so well, but we have to move on to next year.” said Owen Ebner (11th grade)

Although it was a tough season-ending loss, there are many positives to the season: players grew their games and put in a ton of effort and hardwork.

“I learned that teamwork and working on the same page is key” said Spencer Lehman (11th grade).

This game also marked the end of the senior boys’ basketball careers. Seniors Akiva Itzkowitz, Sammy Lurie, Ari Zighleboim, Jonathan Pinkhasov, and Asher Miller all played their last school basketball game ever. Many of the seniors reflected on their career and all the memories they have playing basketball for school.

When asked about the dedication his seniors had towards basketball, team captain Akiva Itzkowitz (12th grade) said this: “It was a crazy amount of dedication they had, they put the work in and got better and it was a crazy experience to play with them.”

While it’s definitely sad that the season is over, the future of the basketball team is bright. The Warrior Word looks forward to another season of covering the basketball team and will be sure to update readers on the upcoming spring sports.

By: Joseph Haddad (11th grade)

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