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Warriors For the Win

photo credit: Ari Capland

This past week was a busy one for the Hebrew Academy basketball teams. The boys varsity team defeated their rival, the Hillel Lions. Throughout the game, the players competed neck and neck, but with 5 seconds left and the score tied at 36-36, Akiva Itzkowitz (12th) shot the final three; and the crowd went wild.

Itzkowitz said, “The second I shot the ball, I knew it would go in... [the feeling] was indescribable.”

Ariel Zigelboim (12th) also commented on their win, saying: the other coach was talking smack, so when we won, it was a sweet feeling”.

Unfortunately, the team fell short when playing against Divine Savior Academy and the Posnack Rams. However, the Lady Warriors beat the Divine Savior Lady Sharks, with a score of 42 to 24. It was an exciting game, as the varsity squad played wholeheartedly. The Lady Warriors now hold a record of six wines to one loss.

Go Warriors!

By: Joseph Haddad (11th)

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