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Warriors Head to L.A. for Hoops Tournament

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For the second season, the girls’ and boys’ varsity basketball teams are headed to Los Angeles next week to participate in the 4th annual Steve Glouberman Basketball Tournament. Hosted by Shalhevet High School, Jewish high schools from all around the U.S. travel to L.A. to compete against each other. The tournament is played in honor of the late Steve Glouberman, who played for YULA, a Jewish high school in L.A.

Both Warrior teams are looking to leave their fingerprints all over the upcoming tournament, after an underwhelming amount of success in last year’s tournament. Last year, the girls split four, with two wins and two losses, while the boys finished with a record of five wins and two losses.

Lady Warriors Coach Joe Campodonico, is looking forward to the tournament.

“Coaching the girls has been an amazing experience,” said Campodonico, “The girls listen, work hard, and have improved so much in just one year. I think everyone can see it. I’m very happy and very excited about the L.A. trip. We have more depth, more talent. I think we can make some noise and I’m really excited about it.”

Coach Scott Berman, who has been coaching the Varsity boys basketball team for six years, believes the Warriors have a good shot.

“If the boys play to their potential, we have a great chance in going far,” Berman said. “The team is made up of a lot of new guys and it’s all about us coming together. I like this team a lot. They have been working really hard and I am looking forward to seeing how they play. We have a ton of talent on this team and I’m curious to see how this tournament plays out.”

Anticipation has been building in the weeks leading up to the tournament. Not only are the coaches excited, but students are looking forward to watching the Warriors in action on a live broadcast. Many students are also planning to travel to L.A. and support the teams.

Warrior fan Avigail Kahn (11th Grade) will be traveling to L.A. to support her team.

“The tournament is really cool because we get to see the Warriors play against out of state teams we don’t usually see them compete against,” Kahn said.  “It’s easy to get tired of watching them play teams like YHS and Hillel. It’s a nice change of scenery and super unpredictable so nobody knows what’s going to happen.”

Many of the seniors are feeling sad because they now enter the final year of their basketball career at Hebrew Academy.

“I’m looking forward to the tournament, but it’s sad for me because it’s my last year,” said Lady Warriors Team Captain Kayla Sedighim (12th). “I’m grateful that I got two years of the tournament and wish I got more. I’m glad all the younger girls can experience this in the years to come.”

The newcomers of the team are beginning to feel the nerves as the tournament gets closer, but are filled with excitement.

“I feel like going to L.A for the first time is going to be a great experience,” said Jonathan Acavedo (9th). “As a freshman, I feel like I can prepare myself for my future playing basketball in this school.”

By: Kayla Abramowitz (11th Grade) and Jeremy Dobin (10th)

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