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POV: Art Basel 2016

This past week, Art Basel came to Miami Beach, ushering in traffic, tourists, and of course, beautiful and innovative art. On Saturday night and Sunday, I attended my first-ever Art Basel events. There, I was treated to a diverse range of art: paintings and drawings made with various mediums, three-dimensional sculptures, technology-infused pieces, photography taken from all angles, and compelling interpretive pieces.

Both famous and up-and-coming artists from all over the world showcased their best work at Art Basel, and viewers from around the globe came to interpret and enjoy the art. This four-day event was a mingling of cultures and creative expression, providing attendees with a taste of some of the world’s most interesting and thought-provoking contemporary art.

Strolling from tent to tent at Art Basel’s Wynwood venue, I viewed art that promoted equality, satirized America’s ridiculous beauty standards, portrayed the struggles of grassroots artists, reflected the irony of some of society’s conflicting ideals, and that simply sparked an ineffable feeling inside me. Isn’t that one of the many purposes of art? For us to not only bask in its beauty but for us to be inspired? On all those counts, Art Basel undoubtedly succeeded. The art struck a chord within me. Although this was my first time at Art Basel, it certainly will not be my last.

By: Sara Fuchs (12th grade)


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