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Senior Seminar Day

While the freshmen,Sophomores, and juniors took the Pre-ACT and PSAT on Tuesday, the seniors had a day off from their everyday classes. Instead, they partook in an activity-filled day consisting of both learning and sports.

In the morning, the boys went to the Zweig Yeshiva to daven and to learn. During this time, after listening to an inspirational speech from the head of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Zweig, they had the opportunity to participate in a shiur led by Rabbi Pesach Shifman. Meanwhile, the girls learned about Taharat Ha’Mishpacha with Rebbetzin Shapiro followed by an educational visit to the Daughters of Israel Mikvah.

“I felt very inspired after Rabbi Zweig’s inspirational speech, and I think it will have a great impact on me in the future,” said David Saka (12th).

During the second half of the day, all the seniors drove to Topgolf to play golf and eat pizza, an activity intended to bring the class closer together, allowing them to spend time and bond with one another.

“I felt like this was a great way to bond with my friends without having to talk about anything school related,” said Meira Weinstein (12th). “I hope we have more events like this throughout the year.”

Due to the pandemic in recent years, the school has not been able to hold many events for senior class. However, students are now grateful to be back to attending programs such as this, which raises morale.

By: Bennett Szafranski (12th)

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