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Warriors Get Torah Slammed

For the past couple of weeks, high school students have been working on their projects for the Torah Slam tournament,a school-wide competition administered by Rabbi Jack, Head of High School Judaics. Students chose one of three categories: a written, visual, or spoken piece that expands upon Parshat Vayeshev.

There are two rounds of the competition. For the first round, students submit their work to Rabbi Jack, who decides which project will advance to the second round. The second round consists of the posting of students' projects on the Hebrew Academy official Instagram, where the post receiving the most “likes” wins. The first place winner will receive a $200 Amazon gift card, and the second place winner a $100 dollar gift card.

The following are two of the students’ entries to the competition:

By: Elizabeth Ebner (10th) and Miriam Cohen (10th)

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