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A Bittersweet Seniors’ Final Week

As the school year comes to a close, our seniors are getting ready to say goodbye to their high school years and prepare for the next chapter of their lives. For many, this moment is bittersweet, filled with a mix of emotions as they reflect on their time spent at school.

Last Friday, two separate Tisches were put together as a send-off to our seniors. Students and teachers throughout the entire high school were invited to join and listen to the seniors share their experiences and advice for them. Some teachers gave heartfelt speeches to send them off on the next chapter of their life. For some of them, it got emotional. 

As senior Adina Krinsky (12th) shared, “it was really emotional, but at the same time, I was relieved to leave. I was also very happy because Mrs. Chernova said nice things about me.” 

Leaving behind the familiar halls and classrooms where they have spent the past four years can be a bittersweet experience for many seniors. The nostalgia of saying goodbye to friends, teachers, and routines is often mixed with the excitement of embarking on new adventures and opportunities. 

“I have mixed feelings. I’m sad to leave but I’m happy to get out of here,” said Jacob Assaraf (12th).

Noa Sassi (12th) shared her emotional state as she looked towards the future with excitement. "I’m very emotional about leaving but I’m excited for the journey ahead," she said. 

The seniors share the perspective that embarking on a new chapter in life can be both nerve-wracking and exhilarating, filled with endless possibilities and adventures waiting to be discovered.

As seniors prepare to toss their graduation caps in the air and say goodbye to high school, they are filled with plenty of emotions—from nostalgia and gratitude to excitement and anticipation. 

The journey ahead may be unknown, but with the support of friends, family, and teachers, these seniors are ready to take on whatever challenges come their way. 

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 as they embark on the next chapter of their lives!

By: Emilie Bensoussan (9th)

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