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Purim Spirit Week

Last week, the student council organized a spirit week for students to show their Purim spirit. Starting on Monday we had jersey day; students showed up in all kinds of jerseys from all kinds of sports. 

Then there was pajama day on Tuesday, which is known to be a student-favorite. 

“It was the best day of the school year and it should be pajama day everyday,” shared Kayla Finkelman (9th).  

On Wednesday, students came in dressed as teachers, as well as the other way around (teachers dressed as students). Teachers came to school wearing hoodies and airpods to mimic students, while students wore suits and ties--or bald caps for the many who impersonated Mr. Patton--as well as long skirts and long sleeve shirts for the many girls who copied Morah Lorraine. 

Thursday was anything-but-a-backpack-day when students were to bring anything instead of their typical backpack. Students brought replacements from tote bags to wagons! Thursday was also ta’anit Esther (the fast of Esther), so school ended early, which the students appreciated. 

On Friday, the last day of spirit week, students enjoyed the annual Purim carnival where they came to school dressed up in their Purim costumes and participated in a series of games, went on rides, and ate delicious Purim snacks. 

“I thought it was very cute, and it was fun to see how everybody dressed on those days!” said Yehuda Greenwald (9th). 

Overall, the student council and staff did a great job on spirit week this year and it will definitely be one students will remember. 

By: Emilie Bensoussan (9th) and Abie Zohar (9th)

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