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Warriors vs. YHS

This past Wednesday, the Hebrew Academy Warriors traveled to Boca Raton to face off against Katz Yeshiva High School for the second time this season. After a lengthy bus ride, the girls' team was first to play. They were off to a successful start going up ten after the first quarter and extended that lead to 18 by half. Unfortunately, star defender Shana Strohli went down with an ankle injury after the first few minutes. That has major implications for the lady warriors' future because of the defense, aggression, and rebounding Shana brings to the team. The Lady Warriors won 50 to 30, sweeping YHS this season.

Junior Varsity was next and did not look great to start, trailing 11 to 1 after the first quarter. Coach Bishop and Caleb Gdanski lead a strong comeback in the second, making it a close game going into the half. Unfortunately, the JV team had a rough second half and ultimately lost by 25. It is apparent the team is missing some size.

The varsity boys finished the night off with their highly anticipated rematch. They came out hot, leading for the whole first half while playing some lockup defense. Before halftime, YHS got their act together and made it a 2-point game to end the half. During the halftime speech outside the gym, a mysterious and unknown man was lurking, trying to listen to their huddle. Reports say it was none other than Yonatan Mizrahi's cousin. Unfortunately, the size differential was too much for the Warriors to handle in the second half, and YHS would ultimately pull away. On a bright note, five-star prospect Eli Assouline was able to check in for the last couple of minutes and somehow managed to get a shot blocked. He says he was glad to get some in-game experience and sources say he will get more chances in their upcoming games. The Warriors play next on January 4 at Posnack for their first game of 2023.

By: Spencer Lehmann (12th)

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