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A New Year in the New Building

After many years of looking forward to it, the middle and high school students are so fortunate to finally have been able to move into the Hebrew Academy’s new building starting Fall 2023.

The new building has various labs, Beit Midrashim, classrooms, offices, and other new amazing learning environments.

The sophomores feel very lucky to have three years ahead of them in the new building.

Sophia Yusupov in 10th grade feels that “it is very interesting to be in a different building but I like the modern style of it and that the classes are all near each other.”

It is nice being on one side of the street next to the rest of the school, early childhood and elementary school.

Although it is nice, we miss some of the components of our old building, but we know as time goes on we are going to adapt and make the new building our complete home.

Many of our teachers feel very lucky to be in our new building, as well.

Rabbi Alpert explains how he “loves it here. The Beit Midrash is filled with so many amazing things, making young women and men look forward and love learning.”

“The new building is really really nice to be in, even though the wifi does not work sometimes. It can be very challenging, but it is so nice to be in it with all of our students”, says Morah Tal Levian.

Students feel very blessed to have this opportunity to learn in a new learning environment and can’t wait for all of the fun this year in the building!

By: Sarah Rothman (10th) and Eliana Wolfson (10th)

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