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Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This past Monday Hebrew Academy students and faculty kicked off the 2021-2022 school year with a celebratory breakfast and festive music.

“I think the first day was great! It was well planned and well executed,” said Morah Twito, high school activities coordinator. “I think everything went very smoothly and the kids seemed very happy.”

Social hour on the patio was followed by an introductory assembly led by Dr. Jones, high school principal, and Dr. Lieber, high school assistant principal. Students were able to meet their new teachers via a video presentation. The values and hopes for the school year were then shared with the student body, along with the new schedule.

The new schedule integrates eighty minute block periods along with forty minute classes. It is structured to have certain classes daily since some subjects require consistent review in order to gain a full understanding. Junior Spencer Lehmann explains, “I like having my AP math and science classes everyday because I get the practice that I need.” The alternating periods allow for a class variety that the High School has not seen in previous years. While many enjoy this bonus, some students are having a hard time adjusting to the increased class time. “I do think that we should have some classes every day, but it’s just hard to get used to having so many more in a day than last year,” said Adam Michael (10th).

One aspect that is unique to this year is the influx of new students. Due to Covid-19 and other personal reasons, many people have moved down to South Florida. They, along with this year’s larger freshmen class, are gradually adjusting to Hebrew Academy’s High School experience.

“I am getting used to finding my way around the floors for class, and I am adjusting to the new building,” said Ella Levy (9th).

Seniors are especially excited about the upcoming school year and what fun events are in store for the students.

"I’m happy to be back at school for senior year. Being with my friends, senior privileges, and hopefully our heritage trip will be really fun,” said Naomi Weiss (12th). “I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.”

Due to the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases, masks are still required in order to keep the students and faculty safe. However, the faculty is confident that after the holidays masks will no longer need to be worn. While it is not set in stone, the policy will be revisited.

Moreover, Warrior Athletics have already brought much hope to the student body as they return to their teams and resume their beloved sports. This season, the Girls Volleyball Team will be back on the court, while the Boys Flag Football team will be out on the field!

“Because of Corona, last year I couldn’t play volleyball, but now that athletic programs have begun again I get to be back with my team and I am really happy about it,” said Noa Baranes (11th).

The first week back to school can be difficult, however everyone has made the best of it and shown great appreciation to be in school together. While the last year has had its struggles with Covid concerns, there have been major changes within school life that gives the student body and faculty hope for the new school year. Whether it be the return of sports or traditional activities, school life is constantly improving.

“There is excitement in the air that I feel. I think there is a feeling of happiness and normalcy for this year that we were jipped out of last year” explained Dr. Lieber. “I hope this continues because the vibes are really good here. I think we are going to have an amazing year.”

By: Ali Smith (11th) and Kayla Herssein (11th)

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