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And We’re Back…


Although it might be a big change to go from sleeping in every day to walking up five flights of stairs and waking up at the crack of dawn, students at Hebrew Academy are glad to be back for the new school year.

The new year officially kicked off on August 25th, when RASG  High school students returned after a long summer away. Smiles covered the faces of students as people greeted teachers and friends, both old and new.

“First day was fantastic,” said Ron Ben-Hayun (11th grade). “I got to be the mascot and surprise the younger kids.”

For some, it was their first day of school at the high school, and for others it was the beginning of their last year.

“It’s really sad, but also at the same time it’s liberating,” said senior Sruly Duchman. “I’m just trying to get as fast as possible to November 1st and then just enjoy my last year.”

Their “Superman Class of ‘17” sweaters and the sparkly crowns on their head, made the seniors immediately recognizable. Juniors expressed mixed emotions about this upcoming year, because although it is the hardest year of high school, they’re glad they will go through it with friends.  Sophomores said they were excited to get rid of the “freshman” title, and the freshmen, while obviously nervous, were greeted with open arms.

“My first day was better than I thought it would be,” said freshman Kayla Wolfson. “I have high expectations for my years to come.”

As the first week went by, the freshmen found their place, and their way around, the seniors chilled in the senior lounge, and the sophomores and juniors got back to their daily routine, which sophomore Adira Kahn exclaimed to be “fine.” Things immediately fell back into place.

“It’s an absolute pleasure to be here in every regard,” said new English teacher Mrs. Constantine.”I love the students and the colleagues, and there’s a great mutual respect for learning”

In only the first week of school, the freshmen got a class trip to go laser tagging, and everyone is looking forward to the back to school bash at Busch Gardens in Tampa on September 7th.

“With the help of Rabbi Ney, the administration and the student council, this year is going to be the best one yet,” said senior and student body president Daniel Yerushalmi.

By: Tehila Moore, 11th grader

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