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Annual Club Fair Goes Virtual

By: Owen Ebner (10th Grade)

Senior Ben Reinberg never envisioned presenting his new club from his own bedroom, but that became the case as he traded the microphone for the unmute button when the annual Club Fair went virtual. 

“Even though it felt weird to do it over Zoom, and not the typical in-person fair, I enjoyed presenting my club,” said Reinberg who plans to run the History Club, which will focus on conspiracy theories and mysteries.  “I spoke about how my club, the history club, will meet weekly to talk about interesting historical theories and conspiracy theories, and tried to get kids to join.”

Over Zoom, students presented returning clubs, such as the Warrior Word, AIPAC, and YUNMUN, but this year also saw a variety of new clubs. The Investment Club, All From The Heart, the Spanish Club, the Drama Club and the Creative Writing Club were just some of the new clubs introduced. 

Students felt the fair was extremely helpful in figuring out where to get involved, and are looking forward to joining when the forms to sign up are sent out next week. 

“I am planning on signing up for AIPAC and the Investment club,” said Spencer Lehmann (10th).  “Even though it was on Zoom, I thought that the fair was just as good. It gave me a good idea of each club, and what I want to do.” 

The one drawback students found in the assembly was that they were unable to converse with their classmates over which clubs to join together. 

“Usually at the fair I could talk to my friends about signing up for the same club, but obviously I couldn’t this year,” said Michael Mimoun (11th). “The fair being on Zoom is making it harder for me to choose.” 

The Club Fair presented virtually was challenging for  Head of Student Life Morah Twito, but she feels proud of the students for handling it so well and is looking forward to a school year filled with both new and returning clubs. 

“The club fair had to be handled differently this year since we are remote,” said Twito. “But  I'm really so proud to be involved with such a creative crowd of students and am looking forward to a great year.”

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