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Art Review: the De La Cruz Collection


Known for his instrumental role in the revolution of Rock & Roll as well as the development of such genres as Glam, Ambient, Electronic, and Pop, Brian Eno is a legendary figure amongst the musically inclined. Hebrew Academy students from 11th and 12th grade were certainly excited when they found out that they would be attending Eno’s art installation, The Ship, at the Moore Building in Miami’s Design District on October 26th– only to, upon arrival, discover that the installation had been cancelled.

What were they to do?

Luckily for the trip-goers, the Miami Design District is filled with free art exhibits, and it wasn’t very long until they came across the De La Cruz Collection. Though the students had come on the trip expecting to see the obscure and ambient works of Brian Eno, what they ultimately found was unexpectedly impactful and even somewhat emotional. The collection included works created by artists longing for lost friends and partners, works inspired by the awful conditions in state penitentiaries, and perspectives of an artist as he sees his world: polluted and vandalized.

“The tragedy of the artists really shined through in all the pieces we witnessed,” said David Gilinski (12th). “An almost blank canvas was used to symbolize the days approaching death. The tears wanted to flow down my face, but for my pride, I held them in.”

There were also, however, some positive and enlightening pieces featured in the exhibit as well. A canvas featuring a drawing seemingly made by a four year old gave off the impression that anybody can make art. Other pieces showed that, well, anything can be art– even garbage, as displayed by a piece created with old flyers and posters found along the streets of Los Angeles.

“My eyes were opened to the seemingly endless wonders of contemporary art, which I had unfortunately regarded in the past as ‘expensive trash’,” Gilinski said.

“Although we weren’t able to see the exhibit that we had originally come for, I’m glad that the day turned out as it did,” said Itai de Roca (12th). “I now have a newfound appreciation and admiration for contemporary art. Overall, it was a good day.”

By: Jacob Rosmarin (12th Grade)

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