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Back to School Bash a Huge Success


This Wednesday, the Hebrew Academy high school went on a back to school bash to Busch Gardens. The back to school bash is held every year, but rarely has it occurred at a theme park five hours away from school.

“I enjoyed it a lot,” said senior Malka Suster. “I think everyone did.”

The trip gave students of all grade levels a chance to connect. Many students rode Busch Gardens’ legendary roller coasters, while others enjoyed water rides and the animal attractions. Because the trip took place during a weekday, the attractions had very little if any wait time. 

“OMG I loved it!” said senior Jacob Lurie.

On the way back the bus took a detour, stopping in Naples for students and staff to enjoy a BBQ dinner.

“It gave us a chance to reflect on the great day we had together,” said Jack Esformes (11th grade).

During the return one of the buses broke down, and the tenth graders had to squeeze on to the other buses. Despite the delay and crowded quarters, students managed to enjoy themselves.

“The bus ride was so fun,” said Barby Mohadeb (12th grade) “I liked it when we all started singing.”  

Students and faculty members alike called the entire trip a triumph.

“I think this trip was a huge success” said student body president Daniel Yerushalmi (12th grade). “The students should look forward to many more fun trips throughout the year.”

By: Avi Stein (12th grade) and Rummi Neuwirth (10th grade)

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