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Be the Best You: Elul and September Edition

In honor of Self-Improvement month and the Jewish month of Elul, during which we are obligated to reflect, reporter Sara Fuchs interviewed the RASG community to find out how the school population plans to make positive changes in their own lives. Students and faculty have set a broad range of resolutions to reach their full potential-physically, academically, and socially. Here is what they had to say:

To improve his health this month, Coach Bishop has created a wholesome daily routine for himself: he has been waking up every morning at 5 A.M. to exercise, drinks only water from Monday through Thursday, and has maintained a healthy diet.

Similarly, sophomore Yakov Schwab is working on his health, to help him become the best athlete he can be. To accomplish this, he avoids drinking soda during the school week, and he practices his running every day.

Several students have also been setting new and improved academic goals. For instance, this month, freshman Abigail Gottlieb is preparing her homework two nights before it is due, rather than the night before. This positive step in her academic routine has inspired Abigail to set and reach other goals in her life.

Like Abigail, junior Tehila Moore has been focusing on her education, dedicating much of her time to her school work. Setting and reaching her goals has helped Tehila feel good  about herself, adding positivity to her life.

In addition to working on her school routine by staying organized, senior Julia Ohana is taking self-improvement to heart in other, non-academic aspirations. She has made it a goal to include her classmates in her life more and bring our class together as a stronger family.

Over the past several years, one of my goals has been to encourage young women at RASG to speak up and express themselves. Ironically, in thinking about these goals for others, I realized that sometimes, amidst social pressures, I feel uncomfortable speaking up. However, everyone should feel comfortable sharing their viewpoints and opinions. Self-improvement Month has helped me realize I, too, should feel comfortable to speak up more. I want to work on myself so that I do not feel funny about sharing my thoughts and feelings. Therefore, in honor of this year’s self-improvement month, I will be stepping outside my own comfort zone. I will try to be fearless in sharing my voice. After all, self-improvement always begins with a first step.

By:  Sara Fuchs (12th grade)

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