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Breaking News: School Goes Remote

Late Wednesday afternoon, high school students received an email from Dr. Jones announcing that the rest of the school week would take place on Zoom. Reminiscent of earlier times in the pandemic, remote learning was a decision made due to the steep rise of COVID cases within the student body. On the morning of Monday, December 20th, the students will return to campus and take a rapid screening test before being allowed into the building.

“We recognize that COVID decisions have been divisive in the past, and we ask that you understand that these decisions are always difficult but always driven by what we believe is in the student's and staff's best interests,” said principal Dr. Jones, via email.

Many students were surprised at the decision to finish the week remotely, as there had not been a time where the high school was put on Zoom this school year.

“Going on Zoom reminds me a lot of last year. I personally love Zoom and think it makes school a lot less stressful. But, it is still strange that a year later it’s almost like we’re in the same situation,” said Yakira Wolfson (12th).

There are various opinions within the student body in regards to the extent to which going remote was needed. There are multiple students who think that going remote is excessive, for COVID is seemingly viewed as less concerning than it was last year.

“I personally think that the school didn't need to shut down and do zoom. COVID is starting to become more normalized in society right now and is known to not be as dangerous, therefore I don’t think we had to go remote,” said Leah Bistritsky (11th).

However, due to the increase of positive cases in school, many students think that this decision was necessary for the general safety of both the students and staff.

“I think it was good how the school decided to put the students on Zoom for the last days of the school week. There were so many cases and I think the only way to get it under control is if everyone is separated for a little bit,” said Lily Abrahams (9th).

Despite the debates over these decisions, the school is making clear that the health and safety of its students is their top priority.

By: Kayla Herrsein (11th Grade)

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