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Bump, Set, Spike: Warriors Volleyball Season Kicks Off

This past week, the RASG Hebrew Academy boys varsity volleyball team kicked off their second season of district play. The team, coached by Stephen Izaguirre, features new students excited to represent their school as well as returning members eager to further their volleyball expertise.

Captains Michael Fedida (12th) and Mikey Shakib (11th) headline the pack of returning players comprised of sophomores Dylan Del Giglio and Yakov Schwab, and eighth graders Sammy Farkas and Eli Waxman. The group of new players consists of sophomores Jack Benveniste-Plitt, Noah Dobin, Brian Garcia, Zeev Rotenstein, and Yoni Teitelbaum.  

“I am excited that a lot of sophomores joined the team,”  said Yakov Schwab (10th). “Coach Stephen can help them improve their skills, and we can become a truly formidable team now and in the future.”  

One new player in particular has already shown significant improvement. Yoni Teitelbaum (10th) was given the responsibility of taking over the setter position after the graduation of last year’s setter, Max Del Giglio. The setter is the most important and difficult position on a volleyball team, as the offensive formation is formed around and is expected to flow through the player at that position. Despite this seemingly overwhelming task, Yoni has embraced his critical role on the team and has significantly improved his skills in the short time period since the team started practicing.

After the first match of the season ended in a loss to the Miami Springs High School on Monday night, Coach Stephen reassured the team that there would be many more games to win and not to be discouraged after the loss.

“Today was the first step. The season is long, and we are only going to continue getting better,” said Coach Stephen.

The Warriors proved their worth on Wednesday after a victory over Scheck Hillel High School in a tiresome back-and-forth five set match.

Keep your eyes on the boys varsity volleyball team.

By: Noah Dobin (10th Grade)

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