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Lady Warriors on Volleyball Fire!

The Hebrew Academy Varsity Lady Warriors have had a fantastic beginning to their exciting volleyball season of 2023.

On August 31st, the volleyball girls started off strong by crushing Calusa Prep in just 3 sets.

A week later, while facing Katz Yeshiva High School (YHS) on September 5th, the Lady Warriors continued their winning streak, not letting up any of their 3 sets.

The following day, on September 6th, the girls’ Varsity team once again overpowered the Cushman team, away at their gym, winning the first 3 sets easily.

That same week on September 7th, in the team’s game against South Florida HEAT, the Lady Warriors picked up the heat after losing the first set by coming back and dominating the next 3 sets, taking home an epic victory.

Unfortunately, the Lady Warriors didn’t take the win this past week versus Miami Christian or Hillel, on Monday and Tuesday. Yet even when Hillel won the first 2 sets, the girls never gave up, winning the third set and falling just 2 points short of winning the fourth.

Abigail Eliav, manager of the team, explains how she “always enjoys watching the back-and-forth rallies between Hebrew Academy and their opponents”, and “gets home much happier when they win.”

Luckily, the Warriors were back in business on Wednesday, September 13th, smacking Jewish Culture in just 3 sets! Their lucky number!

The winning streak is back on, and the Lady Warriors are ready for whatever adversity they face next time!

As Coach Stephen Izaguirre, long-time coach of the varsity girls’ volleyball team says, “Dinner tastes better when you win.”

By: Tova Bossewitch (10th) & Sarah Rothman (10th)

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