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Coach Berman Celebrates 100th Varsity Victory


By: Jeremy Dobin (10th Grade)

Coaching a team to a win is rewarding for a coach, but coaching a team to 100 wins in under six years is remarkable.

Earlier this week, varsity boys basketball head coach Scott Berman notched his one hundredth victory over the Country Day Spartans in an overtime thriller on the road.

“It’s a nice number,” Coach Berman said. “I think it means that you put some time into building something successful. But it’s more about the players than anything else. We’ve had a good group of kids over the course of the years and it’s just kind of the way that we teach the kids how to play and we do it the right way, you get some good results.”

Members of the boys varsity team said they are proud of their coach.

“I think that through all the hard work  that he’s been doing, both on and off the court for Hebrew Academy, it’s great that he can celebrate this 100th win,” said varsity team member Alex Farkas (12th Grade). “I’m glad that as an athlete and as student of his to help him accomplish that triple digit status,

Senior Zeev Rotenstein shared his thoughts on his coach achieving his 100th win.  

“I think that after six years of coaching the team, Coach Berman really deserves his 100th win because he puts so much time and effort into making this team a real program and having a good long season.”

Berman, also a history teacher, is looking forward to finishing the season strong. He attributes the wins to his own hard work, but mainly to the student athletes.

“It’s a nice moment,” said Coach Berman. “You came here six years ago and have built a program with the things you want to do, and kids bought into it and they’ve perfected it. We’ve seen a bunch of great kids come through here, and they’re the ones who play. It’s more of a reflection on the kids than on myself.”

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