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Color War 2024

Two weeks ago, the high school color war was broken out by Mrs. Kaltman and student council President Shalev Bachar. The students were thrilled, as they had been suspecting color war--and excitingly waiting it--for a while.

This year's theme was Israel Defense Force (IDF) brigades. This theme gave the students a chance to represent four different IDF units based on their teams. The freshmen were given the Navy (blue), the sophomores received the Air Force (white), the juniors were the Paratroopers (red), and lastly, the seniors were given Givati (purple). 

On the first day of color war students already began showing up with full spirit representing their teams inside and out (literally decked out with clothes and props of their color). 

The day began with a special joint tefillah including the entire high school. Right after the students were done praying, Joseph Kopel (9th), and Tova Bossewitch (10th) shared very inspiring dvar torahs which helped them gain points for their teams.  

Soon after, all the students were driven to T.Y. Park to compete in various sports and activities such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, football, and kickball. 

There were other fun activities as well, for example, tug-of-war, in which the juniors won for the boys’ bracket in an intense round against the freshmen, and the sophomores won for the girls’ bracket against the juniors. 

The second day of color war was focused on in-school activities. The day started off with the same spirited tefillah as the day before along with two more amazing dvar torahs by Yosef Woznica (11th) and Noah Bensoussan (12th). After tefillah, all the students had the chance to participate in Veshinantam, a game where they had the opportunity to gain points by memorizing Torah phrases. 

After Veshinantam, the high school students all gathered downstairs to participate in a “minute-to-win-it” challenge for their teams. They competed in various 60-second (hence the minute in “minute-to-win-it”) challenges like stacking cups, sorting skittles, mummy wrapping, and more. 

Later on in the day each team participated in a relay race. The relay race consisted of seventeen different mini stations throughout the grounds with challenges to complete with their designated baton--and then pass it to the next. All teams were very competitive, but in the end the seniors won the relay race. 

At the end of the day, the students were brought to the old high school building across the street where they had the opportunity to compete in one last game--an online Torah quiz. 

While in the old building, each team showcased their artwork and the videos and skits they created throughout color war.

After a few minutes of calculation, Morah Twito was ready to announce the winners… 

Placing fourth were the freshmen, placing third were the juniors, and despite the close score, the sophomores ultimately beat the seniors and were crowned winners.

Each team did very well and all students had a truly fun time at this year's color war. They look forward to next year’s!

By: Adela Kopfstein (9th)

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