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Congratulations Class of 2016!

A common theme that is always touched upon at graduation is the idea of family. The idea that no matter how long anyone has been a part of Hebrew Academy, whether it be two or sixteen years, they still feel like a part of something bigger than just themselves, or their classmates. Many of the graduates addressed their fellow students and referred to them as family, but what was amazing was that this sentiment truly felt genuine. The class of 2016 stood up on the stage where many of them once performed as elementary school students, received their first siddurim and chumashim, and even participated in various high school productions, and now they stood donning their blue robes and adorned caps ready to descend from the stage for the last time and enter a new chapter of their lives. These students did not just look like peers, but they resembled a cohesive, supportive, and loving unit. From their loud cheers for each and every classmate to the looks on their faces as they threw their caps in the air, the feeling of unity was palpable. Graduating high school is an important achievement, or a “stepping stone” as salutatorian Jacob Mitrani called it. No matter where this stepping stone will lead these graduates to, they will always have this family to call their own. They will have the family that welcomed them with open arms, and will never let go.

Mazel Tov to the class of 2016 and their families!

We wish you much luck and success in all of your future endeavors.

By: Lexi Sugar

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