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Dear Dr. London


Tune in for a one-on-one therapy session with everyone’s favorite school psychologist, Dr. London.

Senior Wonders about Life After High School

Dear Dr. London,

What is the one thing you would tell the seniors before they go off to the “real world”?


Stressed-out Senior

Dear S.O.S,

What a thoughtful and important question!

Indeed, there are so many pearls of wisdom I can think of to offer: get to class on time, don’t stay out too late (which should help you get to class on time), stay away from late night pizza eating, charge your phone before you go to sleep, use the buddy system when you go out, and of course, don’t forget to call your mom. But, you asked for just one thing so I will be more specific.   

I think the most important bit of advice — the one thing that will serve you well and help you to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life- -is to be kind. It’s a very easy thing to do and will attract people to you. People want to be around people who are thoughtful, helpful, and have a positive energy. Our Jewish values implore us to be kind and to love your neighbor as you would love yourself.  

Moreover, research shows that acts of kindness actually helps fight depression and increases levels of happiness.  A meta-analysis of the therapeutic benefits of positive emotion found that people who do small acts of kindness can reduce levels of depression. Acts of kindness can actually increase dopamine levels and enhance one’s mood.  So, in sum, be kind and  don’t forget to call your mom! She misses you and wants to know what you ate for dinner.  

Male Curious About his Looks

Dear Dr. London,

Should I get a haircut?


Adolescent Male

Dear A.M.,

Yes, but you better do it quickly – we’ll be counting the Omer soon.

Do you ever have questions that you’re afraid to ask? Send your questions to and see it answered in next week’s issue of the Warrior Word. No question is off limits.

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