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Friendship Circle Day 2022

By: Ali Smith (12th)

On Wednesday, December 28th, many Hebrew Academy students participated in the annual “Friendship Circle Day.” Friendship Circle is an organization that provides a platform of inclusiveness to children with physical or intellectual disabilities; not only do they offer weekly activities, such as playing instruments, sports, and baking, but they also run the jam-packed wintercamp in December, so that teenagers on break can share fun activities with special needs individuals. So far, Friendship Circle has taken the campers to Planet Air and many other venues, including the Hebrew Academy!

Our Activities Department and Student Council collaborated with Friendship Circle, pairing Hebrew Academy students with Friendship Circle campers. Activities shared by the students and campers included making cotton candy, dancing, hula hooping, and playing Connect-Four. The campers were also encouraged to express their creative sides on provided mini canvases. Most importantly, many special needs campers enjoyed friendship and acceptance, and the student volunteers were invigorated by their ability to do chessed.

“The students at the Hebrew Academy were truly amazing! It's heartwarming to see them give their time and energy to make a positive difference in the lives of children and teens with special needs. Keep up the great work!” said Itty Wosolov, Friendship Circle Volunteer Coordinator.

Hebrew Academy students enjoyed hosting Friendship Circle and hope they come back soon!

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