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Getcha’ Head in the Play: High School Musical Wows Audience


The cast of High School Musical electrified the audience with their energetic performance on Saturday night, December 2, rousing the crowd to dance and sing along.

High School Musical tells the story of a star basketball player and a math genius who are brought together by their common passion for theater as they struggle to break free from the social expectations that high school has set out for them.

“You could feel the energy from the stage in the audience,” said Ava Horowitz (12th grade) “The cast was so talented. It’s funny that you walk through the halls and you don’t realize how much talent most of these students possess.”

The musical featured many new and old talents, including stars Natalie Alishayev (10th) and Rena Kahn (12th) playing the lead roles of Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton.

After their second show on Sunday morning, Mrs. Berman delivered a heartfelt speech thanking the seniors for their hard work and dedication throughout their years in the drama department.

For seniors Rena Kahn, Tehila Moore, and Michal Cohen, it was a bittersweet moment, as it marked their last musical at the Hebrew Academy. They have performed in every musical since entering ninth grade.

“It was actually a really emotional moment for me,” said Cohen. “The musical itself was really fun. It was something that Rena, Tehila, and I had been pushing for for a long time. We did do the first musical with Mrs. Berman when she came here. We started the drama department, so it’s kind of been on our backs, and to do the last musical with her, it was just really really sad, like, being on stage, and seeing her cry, and we just really wanted to make her proud.”

To the actors, High School Musical was one of their favorite musicals to perform in. 

“After doing drama since my freshman year,” said Moore. “High School Musical is something that we’ve always wanted to do, and finally being able to do it and going out with a bang like that… it was the most amazing experience ever.”

By: Yael Bramy (12th Grade)

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