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HA Students Glide into the New School Year

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

By: Sara Reinberg (9th Grade)

This past Tuesday, Hebrew Academy students skated their way into the Back to School Bash at the Scott Rakow Youth Center.

Students and faculty crossed the street to the Scott Rakow ice rink for the last two periods of the day to relax from the stress of school and enjoy some time with friends.

Upon arriving at the ice skating rink, students rushed to grab a pair of skates. First on the ice was Senior Daniel Dadashev, a veteran skater, who impressed other students with his ice skating abilities. An unknown skater, not a part of Hebrew Academy, was also on the ice showing off his moves. Almost immediately Dadashev and the other skater began competing against one another for accolades from the audience, racing and performing tricks on the ice.

“It was very impressive,” said Ariel Bramy (12th). “I was happy to see that [Dadashev] got up and did it in front of 150 kids. He was showing a lot of his talents.”

Soon after, the rest of the school crowded onto the ice, skating around the rink; laughing, talking and in some cases, falling onto the ice. The afternoon also served as an opportunity for new students in the school to socialize with their grade, as well as other grades.

“I am really excited to get to know a bunch of other people from other grades and become friends with them,” said Freshman Bassie Knight before the trip.

Following ice skating, music blasted as students reentered the highschool building to find an ice cream party waiting. Students grabbed bowls of ice cream and relaxed for the final minutes of the day.

“The back to school bash was something we really wanted to bring back from last year,” said Student Council President Avi Kahn (12th). “Having it at Scott Rakow was a good idea, because I think it was super fun and everyone enjoyed it again. I’m really glad it worked out and hope everyone had fun.”

Overall, the back to school bash served as a great welcome back to school and has people excited for upcoming events.

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