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Humans of RASG


Eliana Pollack, 9th Grade

“I recently went to Israel and I did a lot of fun things. I went horseback riding. It was right by Syria and so we were able to hear everything that was happening there, and we went jeeping, and we looked down a cliff, and it was really scary, but it was really fun. I went paper making there too. We took fibers from a tree and stuff. It was really cool. I am in the school play. We’re doing High School Musical and I’m Chad, the kid with the really poofy hair. I didn’t always live in Florida. I was born in New York, and I lived there for a year, and then I moved to Cleveland and then Chicago, and now I live here. I moved here in sixth grade, and I like it here a lot, and I go to camp at Moshav–it’s in Wisconsin in Wild Rose. I have one younger brother, and I live in Bay Harbor. I like to sing and perform. Oh yeah, I was on the volleyball team this year and last year, and then I’m doing the football team later on, and then I did basketball last year also, and then I did tennis also, even though I don’t really play tennis.”

By: Tehila Moore (12th Grade)

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