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Humans of RASG


Jacob Rosmarin, 11th grade

“I was born January 17, 2000, when my parents conceived me nine months earlier, and I was born in Long Island, New York. I lived there until 2012, and most of my family lives there, but I didn’t like it that much because I felt unaccepted by the majority Persian population. The kids in my school didn’t accept me, they were very cliquey, and so I was always left out. They used to run away from me on the playground, and I  was like, “wow what ****s.” And then in 2012, I came on a plane alone to Miami and Eli was the first person to introduce me; and I remember [Tehila Moore] came up to me, and I was like, “wow people are nice in Florida.” And then it was pretty tight, you know? I did really bad in school because I suck at math. So, well, I started playing the guitar as a means to obtain females, and it didn’t really work out, but I have the skills, you feel? And that’s my story. I like rock, my favorite bands are The Doors and Guns N’ Roses, I don’t know, all kinds of music, whatever.”

Compiled by: Tehila Moore (11th Grade)

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