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Humans of RASG: Leah Lieberman

Humans of RASG, similar to Humans of New York, is a verbal snapshot of the people who make up our high school. Each human is asked to speak about themselves at length, and their monologue is recorded and transcribed verbatim. In order to keep it real, nothing is omitted. This week, the Warrior Word interviewed Leah Leiberman (11th). Get to know Leah as she discusses her return to Hebrew Academy.

“Hi, my name is Leah Lieberman. I'm a junior and I joined Hebrew Academy a little less than a month ago. Before Hebrew Academy, I was in Hod Hasharon in Jerusalem, studying at Alexander Muss High School in Israel. Prior to Alexander Muss High School, I attended Miami Beach Senior High, and I also used to go to Hebrew Academy when I was in Middle School. I am one of six kids. I'm the third oldest, with an older brother attending UCF and an older sister at FIT; both of them went to seminary and Yeshiva. I have a little sister who is a sixth-grader at Hebrew Academy and two other younger siblings. Being back here is interesting. I have to say, I kind of expected the high school to be different based on how the old high school was, but considering that this is a new school, new ground, and a new crowd, of course, it's going to be different. My classes are pretty good and the people are really nice. I'm happy to be back. The reason I came back was that I really wanted to reconnect with my Yiddishkeit, which I get to do in my Judaics classes and on my own time. My favorite subject is probably my Talmud class with Rabbi Jack. I find it interesting how he gets into topics. Other than that, I feel that Dr. Precter and Ms. Martin are amazing teachers, and I'm grateful to have them. When I am bored, I like to drive and listen to music. I also enjoy playing backgammon, getting my work done ahead of time, baking, cooking, and going to New York to see my family.”

Composed by: Hannah Rothman (11th) & Emiilie Bensoussan (9th)

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