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JUMP Team Headed to New York

The RASG Hebrew Academy JUMP (Jewish Unity Mentoring Program) Team has made it to the final boardroom. JUMP empowers teens to become leaders in their schools and communities and is the premiere leadership program for Jewish day school students across North America.

The boardroom is an opportunity for 5 of the 25 participating JUMP schools across the United States to present their challenges to a panel of judges. The Hebrew Academy JUMP team completed challenges for anti-BDS awareness, promoted Mental Wellness, and encouraged girls to keep Shabbat. The JUMP Team–comprised of Alix Klein, Ariella Wolfson, Abraham Hilu, Elinor Dahan, Malka Suster, Sarina Abramowitz, Aliza Posner, and Caleb Katz–will head to New York on April 4th to present to the judges. The Warrior Word congratulates the entire team and wishes them luck.

By: Alix Klein

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