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Lady Warriors Come Up Short in Elimination Round of Tournament


By: Noah Dobin (12th)

Teams from around the country came in to sunny Miami Beach to compete in the 14th annual Capt. Hyman P. Galbut Girls Basketball Tournament. In what has become one of the premiere tournaments for Yeshiva high schools, the Lady Warriors started off hot with a record of 2-0 in the round robin on Wednesday with margins of victory of +10 and +7, respectively. The team placed as the 4th seed when they went in to battle Yeshiva University High School for Girls (Central) today. The entire high school came to cheer on their team, filling the entire gym.

The Lady Warriors lost in overtime eliminating them from the semi-finals this Saturday night. Although they started off with a strong lead, by the end of regulation the score was tied at 27. In overtime, Central pulled away and came out victorious.

The Lady Warriors will play again Saturday night to compete for fifth place.

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