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Live Like Sammy


Hebrew Academy students have adopted the mottos “Live Like Sammy” and “Smile for Sammy” in the wake of his tragic passing to emulate and remember Sammy’s happy demeanor. To honor his memory and continue his legacy, The Warrior Word now features a weekly column dedicated to Sammy.

This is a very short story; it actually happened a year ago [from yesterday]. Sammy would make very boring, simple situations into something fun. He would turn nothing into something. So me, Rafi, and Sammy were hanging out in my room kind of bored, didn’t really know what to do, so I picked up my guitar and I started playing the only song that I know how to play, and he goes, “Hey, that kind of sounds like the background to a podcast recording or something like that, like a therapy thing.” So he starts saying: “Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be in tune with your inner soul? Well I, Sam Farkas, will help you be in tune.” And then we all started laughing. It was just a very funny moment, and we did it five times until we got it perfectly recorded on video. -Shayna Boymelgreen (12th)

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