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Live Like Sammy


There was not one day that I didn’t hear Sammy talk about his parents. Every single time I would go a pick him up from his house, or go out to eat, or go hang out, or go to his house, he would always talk about his parents. He had so much respect and so much love for his parents that I never understand because I love my parents and I respect my parents, but not in the way that Sammy did. I don’t know, it was just so so so special in the way he treated his parents. The second that I learned that he passed, the first thing I thought of was my parents: how I treat my parents. No one’s here for a long time. I’m not gonna be here for a long time, my parents aren’t gonna be here for a long time, I might as well just treat them with the most respect and the most care I could possibly have, ‘cause why would I do anything else? They brought me here. They’re the only reason I’m here. They deserve everything. Sammy taught me that ‘cause that’s how he treated his parents. – Rafi Benson (12th)

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